Delicacies and healthy foods while you are relaxing

To tempt your taste buds, we are continuously providing healthy, balanced foods from the finest sources offering you the best of local cuisine. You can choose from typical local dishes, international cuisine, organic foods or a combination of these.


We are often asked what our secret is for making our gastronomic offer so special. The answer is: in the first place, the Trentino mountains, with "something special", their simplicity, genuine character and hospitality. Then, obviously, the fresh ingredients… we always select our ingredients with the utmost care, selecting the best items from local farms in the area providing brand name Trentino products. The finest quality, therefore, to prepare dishes with unique balance, love and passion, with full awareness of the protein, carbohydrate and fiber contents, making our menu not only delicious, but also healthy. You can relax and give yourself over to the knowing hands of our chef, the ever attentive Mamma Gemma!


Only vegetables, grains, salads and aromatic herbs from our organic garden. We offer an ample selection of the highest quality foods and beverages, always varied and full of imagination. Excellent quality products prepared carefully, the foundations of the regional cuisine offered by our Hotel. Those who eat organically not only cultivate their good health, but also benefit plants, animals and the planet in general. Discover the flavors of naturally ripened fruits and vegetables, the pleasure of whole foods prepared the right way. Here with us you will have a genuine eating experience!

Vital Cuisine

Vital food is not a synonym for nourishment. In fact, it is only one element of our nourishment process, which also includes the air, sun, water, energy, love and physical activity. In short: all of the vital forces are essential for the nourishment process.

The 10 golden rules for proper nourishment

1. Fruit keeps you in shape!
2. Vary selections but do not eat too much fat and limit fat rich foods
3. Tasty but not too salty
4. Not too many sweets
5. More whole foods
6. A lot of vegetables, potatoes and fruit
7. Less animal proteins
8. Drink in moderation
9. Frequent small meals
10. Prepare foods to valorize flavors and nutritional qualities

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