Relaxation comes to life, tranquility is the rule

Every sound, aroma and movement is designed for your total wellbeing.
We can offer you every formula to get back on track: physical exercise, body treatments, SPA or just plain relaxation.
We are located in the ideal surroundings for enjoying diverse types of sports: skiing, Nordic walking, bird watching, free climbing, snow shoeing, sledding, rock climbing, repelling, golf. For your wellbeing and relaxation, we have everything that nature has to offer, vital or biological cuisine, local gastronomic events, pure clean air, as well as our Beauty center, body treatments and a SPA.


Wellness and Wellbeing

To rediscover serenity and interior balance, abandon yourself to our treatments, in the Beauty Center, "Aqua" Wellness , from massages to the sauna, from fresh air to the sense of wellbeing in the mountain sun, in the pure air of the Dolomites with the aromas of the forest while walking through the woods.


Beauty center

All too often we are faced with the realities of daily life, where the news is anything but bright. Hotel Paganella gives you the possibility to forget daily problems and worries and enjoy naturally beautiful surroundings, where the rarefied air and the soft light of the Dolomites, together with specific beauty treatments for your body, will give you natural comfort and help you to forget the strain of the city.


"Aqua" Wellness

We make sure that nothing is left to chance, and that every facet of your vacation will be cared for in detail, so that you can dedicate your time to yourself and find the peaceful surroundings you need to enjoy everything we have to offer you.

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